Who We Are

This is me!

Hi and welcome to our Seen Creative Store - a space where you'll be able to shop many pretty things designed by me, Josie!

I am a full-time graphic designer and owner of Seen Creative, my freelance design business, specialising in anything from brand identities to event stationery. I want to make modern and sophisticated designs more accessible to YOU, so I started the Seen Creative Shop as a space where we could offer you everyday design products at an affordable price point, without compromising on quality and style.

We're only getting started with our Save The Dates, but the aim for the Seen Creative Shop is to work collaboratively with you to design products that offer you exactly what you need (whether than be planners, social templates, gift cards etc.), while being modern, simple and practical.

I cannot wait to share my passion for beautiful, everyday aesthetics with you. Our journey is only beginning, but with your help and support we'll grow every day to bring you bigger and better things as time goes on.

Lots of love,

Josie xx